It is to answer an ever growing need that computing started, with the creation of the first computer ever. These ancestor of the computers that we use today were designed so that they could work by themselves, with a technician watching over them in case of a problem. Then, to answer some needs, some had the idea of connecting them by a physical link. These links will be used to allow the transfer of information to be able to exchange data. Of course, we had to design a common language to ease communications. All this is the origin of the network.

This is how many network started to be built in the world. To be able to communicate with people on the other side of the world, without having to physically travel, some had the idea of interconnecting these networks. We witnessed a major evolution of the protocols to create the network of the networks, which will soon be the biggest network of the world, a gigantic spider scaled for the size of the world, called internet.

Internet will become the world biggest library of the world in terms of text, pictures, sound and video. It will also become the vector of transport for many innovative applications like videoconferencing, electronic commerce, multi-player games, phone systems, instant messaging, to only name a few. The boom of the number of connected people on the internet wasn't even hoped by its own creators. Many specialists even say that we haven't even seen all the possibilities internet offers. Today, nobody can tell what are the limits of Internet, and for the first time, each user can consume or produce information.

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