The management of companies and banking are homes for company finances departments, done by the executive directions. They evaluate the life of companies. Companies that need investment banks, after receiving from their fiance executives reports on the investment projects, must have enough equities, to get advices on modalities of budgeting mortgage, loans, liabilities and so on. This management of purchase and credit for equities made by investment banks are also the relay of different economic agents and some financial business needs.

Because of that, you should establish an assurance contract, which is in fact, just a transfer of risk between a company and the assurance. The concept is that the insured give a part of the risk to the assurance company that accept in exchange some money. The assurance companies cannot know when they sign a contract when the risk will happen, if it will only happen, and what they will have to give back to the insured. The only thing they can do is transfer the risk between some economic agents that they manage. It's thanks to this statistical factors that the assurances can reduce the risk of volatility and speculate on statistical approximations for the risks. Apart of course when the risk is permanent like robbery, car crash, or motorbike accident.

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