We can tell that employment, on the economic side of it, is the production of goods and services. All this is managed by a contract between the employer and the employee. The work market is then regulated by this process with some employments.

This is how job offers are made from different companies and the possibility to recruit both internal and external individuals. There are more advantages for a businesses, when recruiting employees, to get help of specialized recruitment companies. It is the best solution. It opens many possibilities of choice for the companies that can't do it internally. This is why for these businesses it would be pertinent to recruit using external help, because they will have the benefits of fresh new blood, ideas techniques, skills, etc. that they may not find by themselves. Internal recruitment can be a limiting factor for these companies and businesses. There is no evolution without competition, and recruiting externally can help companies because the recruited person will have the skills and assets needed for the work.

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