Education is not only know and let know, but it's also a concept that goes far beyond. It is a source of development for all individuals living on this earth, and in all fields. When it is well done, and more than all, well thought, it gives to all persons the opportunity to develop intellectual, moral and physical skills. This allows each persons to apprehend better all the problems that it will be exposed to during his live, and helps managing better all the interactions that one will have with the others around the world. At the end, it helps being more responsible and provides evolution to our society.

Everybody agrees on saying that it is important to have some essential knowledge, as part of the intellectual minimum, that all citizens should have, so that everyone is able to live in the current world. Also, it is necessary to have a minimum of education to be able to live in this world. Education is considered as an essential base of all evolution. Education and evolution are words that often should be seen as one, and should be parts of our everyday. These two things are absolutely complementary and virtually inseparable for the development and well being of everyone.

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