- Add-ons for Firefox When a client (the recipient of a target file) has initiated a torrent download, the chunks of target file that are needed can be found easily, based on the data from the torrent itself. Free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of torrent (torrentz) search engines.
ThePirateBay.org torrent - commandlinefu.com You don't have to care about grepping the torrent names as well, because they are already included in the.torrent URL (except for spaces and some other characters replaced by underscores, but still human-readable).
- Currently supported trackers. How to use it. Search torrents on private trackers websites (t411, Smartorrent, FrenchTorrentDB). 2 downloads in the last week. 48 downloads in the last month.
<strong>Ubuntu Geek</strong> - How to install Torrent 0.9.0 in ubuntu - Ubuntu Geek Torrent Search is a torrent searching application developed in Python, and using GTK+ for its graphical interface. How to install Torrent Search 0.9.0 in ubuntu. Torrent Search is available under Linux and Windows. What is new in Version 0.9.0.
- Currently supported trackers. How to use it. Search torrents on private trackers websites (t411, Smartorrent, FrenchTorrentDB). Version 0.3.2 last updated 4 months ago. Node module used to search torrents on private trackers websites.
<strong>Foto</strong> - Stock Footage and Videos. 351 royalty free video and movie clips available to ... Stock Photography and Stock Footage. Torrents stock footage and video. The World&#39;s Stock Photography. 351 video clips. Image Size Clips per page Sort by.
5 Useful and Popular Torrent Engines 5 popular Hindi torrent websites Though, you can always search torrent on any private or public torrent sites but I recommend using Torrent search engines like Torrentz, which shows results from almost all popular torrent sites along with number of seeders and leechers.
<strong>GigaOM</strong> - Ubuntu to add torrent to Unity desktop — Tech News and Analysis The feature, developed by Ubuntu software developer David Callé on Google+, is designed to &quot;embed free culture&quot; directly into desktop UI — and Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth called it &quot;super-useful.&quot; Ubuntu Linux&#39; status as an open-source OS makes it a natural home for torrent searching, but embedding that capability...
Torrent - Home Torrent Search Engine, cross-platform, open source, allowing to search for torrent files on different websites.
<strong>Geek.com</strong> - The Pirate Bay torrent to be embedded in Ubuntu desktop OS - News - Geek.com The OS is free and distributed via torrent, so it only makes sense that a torrent search would be built into the operating system&#39;s desktop by default. Of course, The Pirate Bay is the biggest torrent search engine out there right now, which is why a TPB backend is being used for the desktop torrent search feature.