The world in which we live today is evolving thanks to progress in technology and electronic. Indeed, our everyday life is more and more influenced by technological progress in computing. The evolution of devices like phones or computers, that are more and more smart nowadays, totally revolutionized our lives on an everyday basis. This sector will evolve at an exponential pace, giving the fact that there is so much innovation and brilliant minds out there.

We can talk during hours of mobile phones, each time smaller, smarter, more functional, with more features, or talk about computers, which is a tool that gives you the access keys of the actual world, and that we may define as being a combination of electronic modules, being under the control of computer programs. Programs which are being considered software which allows all these electronic components to work together.

Recent studies have shown that not respecting rules in terms of human interfaces can be dangerous for ones health, when designing a phone or a computer. This risk keeps increasing if we stay more than 4 hours in front of a computer screen, or staying hours on the phone. We can't tell how much our body has been exposed to the risks of computers and all devices emitting radio waves, like mobile phones, which is never the less a tool not only for communicating, but well often a work for some, or a micro-wave oven, if we only want to talk about these few items on a never-ending bullet list.

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